While most people like watching dubbed anime, which is basically free online, the truth is that they are not getting the best of the Japanese anime. The dubbed anime movies tend to pass a different message compared to the original versions of anime especially the cultural difference and beliefs. For example, most original Japanese versions of anime do not protect their children from death. A good example is in the anime Sailor Moon. In this anime, the scouts or the senshi die when the first session ends. In the American versions, however, the scouts are trapped and getaway at the end of the first session.

It should be understood that the differences do not mean that children in Japan are fine with the concept of death. Rather, such anime movies are put in this way because death is a no topic even for anime that is intended for children in western countries. Other anime such as Marmalade Boy, Fushigi Yugi and Urusei Yatsura and which are mostly target for the teenagers also have subjects with the same differences. For example, the Fushigi Yugi has subjects such as rape which may not be available in the exported anime versions.

There is also the Ranma ½ which has some form of nudity but the nudity in this case is not pornography. In this anime, the nudity is kept to different places such as a bathroom or through laughs when Ranma (male) changes into a female but continues to act like a male. It is very important to distinguish this anime with the ecchi anime (which is strictly for the over 18) because both have different subjects. The values in the original anime and dubbed anime always clash, and this means that if some original anime were to be aired on TV, such anime would only be programmed in pay TV channels or on channels with foreign languages. click here to get more information 123.