When you are dating a girl for the first time, you are supposed to be the one to break the ice. For many guys out there, it is known to be quite difficult to break the ice first. This is when some funny pick up lines are supposed to come handy. Using a good pick up lines is likely to be the best option for you to start a conversation. But the pickup line has to be genuine; else you may end up putting a bad impression on her.

Don’t forcefully be funny while delivering funny pick up lines
• There are supposed to be plenty of such funny lines around. You just have to look for them. Then take note as well as pay proper attention. It has to be natural. You are never supposed to force it on yourself about being funny. You are just supposed to attempt to be funny only when you really feel like being funny.
• In case, you are not funny at all then you can go for the well timed sarcasm to make people laugh. Never afraid to go out of your comfort zone to deliver such funny pick up lines on girls. It is mainly considered as a motto for being really funny.

Admit that you are not funny at all
There is one thing which is often considered as an important aspect of delivering a funny pick up lines successfully. You are supposed to charismatically and confidently admit that you are not really funny at all if you flop at delivering a line. It is highly likely that a girl would find you cute and attractive doing it. Therefore, things can work for you in this way. And you may get the girl, you never know. Go learn some such pick up lines to try out on girls.