You will find a lot of people online which might be using a Privacy They could be anyone from net administrators to company staff. In other words they may be using bogus identity that is online. In this scenario, it is possible to figure out by using whois parser api who they actually are.
It’s a fact that is recognized that many people would rather keep their real identity a secret. It is possible to check the domain registration of a specific web site by utilizing WHOIs. You may be surprised to discover the number when you search through WHOIs of users that use imitation individuality. Everyone who buys a domain name must fill in their own private information including address, their actual name and etc. Therefore, it’s dubious that all of the personal details you entered online will be kept a secret. So, how safe is the Internet?

To be on the safe side, your private data is replaced by the domain registrar. All of your private details will be replaced by the registrar’s data. Thus, when a whois parser performed, your private data won’t appear. The name and address of a different domain will appear instead of yours, when the search is done. So it’ll be difficult to imagine who the first owner of the domain is. Nevertheless, the service of registrar will not come free but owners will willingly pay extra to be able to keep their information private. A couple of additional dollars is worth so that you can keep your priceless private data concealed spending. Yet having a name that is different as it is possible to use it to promote you can be advantageous for you site to create unique identity for your web page users
This can be an excellent online branding strategy for your web site. In a way, it is possible to view it as having a unique name for your company while still being clear about it whenever you please, where it is possible to disclose your identity. This will create an excellent impression of you as a company man.