Bitcoin is not an anonymous currency, but certain ways are available that can be used for confusing the bitcoin transaction trails in a block chain and can secure the personal identity. One of the most common ways is to use tumbler or coin mixer. Through these services, you can send the bitcoins anonymously to whoever wishes to send. The mixer is usually used for the purpose of shuffling and mixing the coins before they reach to the final destination. It makes it a little bit difficult or even impossible for attackers or hackers reaching the personal address.

There are many easy ways to trust bitcoin mixer to use. Using those can be helpful to you in easily hiding the bitcoin transactions from the potential attackers and hackers who have been spread all across the web.
The bitcoin shuffles and crypto currency laundry is having many wonderful advantages to know. You are having full control all over the coin mixing. It is a random process than a predefined one. The output is fungible. The bitcoin is merging small chips into the bigger ones which is one of the biggest advantages. There are many tumblers available allowing you in merging the inputs privately. The output is quite faster and easier as compared to the inputs. From the perspective of a blockchain, you are spending those before sending to a tumbler.

The numbers of mixers available for shuffling the coins but you need to necessarily look out for the good one to secure both the personal identity as well as the transactions. The several mixers having no fees and donations are widely used. However, one is paying as per the willingness and no pressure is there on you. The developers of coinmixer have developed it specifically for confusing the trail of the transactions of bitcoin. If you are an owner of a bitcoin, then do not forget using the mixers for privacy and safety.