Stretcher Bars play a major role in the appearance of giclee printing or canvas artwork. The high quality of wood and structure of stretcher is used so that it provides easy stretching. It also produces good print quality and gives long life to canvas. It is very important for the artists to select right stretcher for their canvas. Before selecting canvas for yourself keep in mind its size, weight, the texture of weave canvas. So that you can use it for a long time and it can provide you best services. People can also purchase it on the internet as many websites are offering the best deal to customers.

Types of stretcher bars

Medium standard duty

Medium stretcher bars are also standard bars which have raised and rounded edges which help to reduce friction of stretching. It provides tighter and more canvas faces to the user. It reduces the stress placed on the canvas and also provides help for the person doing stretching. It helps user to complete work in a short period with full perfection.

Light duty

Light duty stretcher bars are mostly used in small-scale industries or for giclee prints. It has beaded edges which hold the canvas and also keep flat parts of bars apart. The edge which is rounded in shape helps to relieve stress on canvas and helps the person to do proper farming. It provides uniform stretch as canvas flows around the smooth edge.

Heavy/ medium duty

Heavy duty stretcher bars or goldilocks mediums are an expensive option in front of users. It is mostly demanded by those who require a substantial profile for valuable art work. It adds intrinsic value to art. It is frequently used for stretching and other print work.

Super heavy duty

This super heavy duty is also known for its impressive mass and strength. It is useful for large canvases and painting. It is usually made up of the brace which is added for strength.

These are some types of stretcher bars.