The Australian nation is governed by its own laws. All the laws are formulated for the local people to follow with some directive principles being laid down so that the citizen character can be stated. The government in power also works in accordance to the laws and rules as per stated and formed by the legislation of the country. All the breaches if the law are punishable by law, and there are no other laws that can be followed other than those written and prescribed by the legislative.

The motor vehicle possession laws are also governed by the legislation of the country that states every time a new vehicle is purchased, it has to be registered with the government with all other significant information that holds importance with the vehicle. The task of registration is done by government controlled agencies, and also the vehicle number plates are also released by them. Any other information related to the ownership identity is stored inside the personal property security register. Therefore, all such information is stored inside the public records maintained by the government of the nation.
But what if a person needs to extract information relating to a particular vehicle? He or she shall first have to attend the government offices to read the pages of the register. However with the presence of rego check it is not the same cumbersome case as it seems to be. Only the vehicle registration number is what is required to extract information with a revs check. The personal information of the owner of the vehicle could be found with the ppsr check where all the ownership rights are recorded. The revs check enables a person to know more about a vehicle that he is going to purchase in the near future, or acquire for some specific purpose good for his own cause.