Brian Peppers,born on 1th of Novemberin the year 1968, in Maumee,Ohio USA. Shortly after his birth he faced an ugly truck accident which completely deformed his face. The ugly truck breakdownthat he went through was one of only two such ugly truck accidents. The accident made him look very uglier that even his parents were so angry about the way he look.

The rise to fame:

Once Michel Jackson had rented him from his momfor a sleepover. And during the sleepover the legend is said to have dropped him from a third story balconythat incident brought him to the lime light. This became a widely famous incident. Peppers almost had a good thing come out of it. In the incident Peppers hit his face to the pavement and further damaged his face but when he healed he looked normal.

The miserable childhood:

Throughout his childhood he remained an unfortunate looking child. Even more miserable fact is that he kept looking more unfortunate every day. Even his parents did not want to have him anywhere near them. He had to take in a lot of beatings from his mother when he was young which lead him to escape from his mother. He is said to have suffered from either Apert syndrome or Crouzon’s syndrome which made his life even terrible.

The 2005 incident:

In 2005 Peppers was arrested for gross sexual imposition. In made the headlines and many started to question the truth behind his arrest. But eventually it turned out to be true and indeed it was real which left many in shock. He was sentence to 30 days in jail and a period of 5 years of probation.

He was widely used in memes throughout the world but sooner it became old fashioned.