58% of the people that search on Google and clicking on the first three websites that come of the list, when does it begin to be your own website and which keywords. Even then, how does this traffic to the website ensure conversion? Conversion is perhaps the most important part of a business, whether in long term or short term. There is no doubt that when people visit your site, a fraction of them are most likely to convert; but yet this is not an assurance and would only translate to how many people are coming in the first place.

This is why defining your goal when planning SEO is important, you might decide that a certain conversion level is a great achievement for you and you might not be getting as much traffic as other businesses. This is all dependent on the tactics that you employ in your SEO Strategies. While there are other benefits that rank top for some keywords given to you; such as visibility, they might not deliver the positive bottom line. Defining this with an SEO agency is often important. When you want to focus on conversion, you need to start questioning your keyword preferences against others.
The strategy you map for your seoz would directly affect your conversion rates. When you have succeeded in understanding the keywords that do the conversion trick, you can also ensure they come back for your product and services by getting them to drop some information for some newsletter or new product, this might be the only reason they might remember your website. In other words you are keeping your customers. Focusing your budget on conversion SEO strategies would pay off, and then you can expand your budget for visibility and increased bottom line.