best tankless water heater delivers a constant and instant supply of hot water. When a hot water tap is on then with the electric element heats the water and travels through the pipe into the unit. Now no need to wait for a tank to be filled with hot water as water heater provide too hot water at 2.5-5 gallons per minute. And gas fired water heaters produce higher flow rate then electric ones. But in some cases like if you have a large usage of hot water like taking a shower, washing clothes and running the dishwasher at the same time than in that case you need to install two or more tankless water heaters. Because gas fired models cannot supply enough hot water simultaneously. Even you can also install separately best tankless water heater for appliances like for dishwasher, clothes and any other place where your usage of hot water is large in your home.

Before buying the best tankless water heater 2018 you should consider the following steps like:
• Size of the water heater, check at your home where you will going to install
• Fuel type and availability
• Cost – as per your budget
• Energy efficiency – installation and maintenance can optimize energy efficiency.
As Proper installation of instant water heater will be depends on many factors like the climate, fuel type, safety issues especially when you install gas fired water heaters. There are lot of site where you check the best tankless water heater Reviews but there is one site where you all the details of water heater and buyer’s guide. You just need to compare and choose the best tankless water heater for your home which consumes less amount of energy and save your money.