Likely for those who own a puppy that chews at the home it’s very likely to be a pup even though a tired dog may chew along with also the very same techniques should be attempted for both.
Reasons puppies and dog chew:
Loneliness And Boredom Stress And Anxiety Attention Seeking Teething
Loneliness and boredom you should not leave a dog or pup too long.

Tension and stress brought on by stressful living conditions or into considerably scolding or punishment.
Care seeking if your dog or puppy feels you aren’t giving him enough attention that he soon finds chewing costly furniture attracts you running.
Teething like teething infants dogs will need to chew to lower their teeth simply giving a puppy a dog bitter spray he can chew will fix this usually.
Quit dog chewing what if I do?
Puppy proof your home Give him his particular place or crate Use spray chew deterrent Make certain he has lots of chew toys Train your puppy in obedience training
Puppy proof your house move all expensive items from dogs reach. Transfer all electrical cables and other dangerous things away from your puppy.
Give him his own place, ideally give him a restricted area for instance a separate cage or room that’s puppy proofed.
Spray chew deterrent (which may be attracted from pet stores) on bigger items of furniture so the taste stops pup chewing them.