Nowadays the industries dealing in with Led screen is booming with high momentum. This fast rise in growth has led to greater production of different LED displays. As per the LED display screen standard quality is day by day becoming more and more details as well as strict. It is using low voltage scan driver and is having benefit of viewing distance, consumption of low power, larger viewing angle, reasonable prices, high brightness, specification varieties and waterproof. It can effectively meet various requirements of various applications scenarios and prospects development is greater. As compared to various other large screen terminals of outdoor lighting supply, LED display is having many good features.

The outdoor LED displays brightness is greater to 8000mcd/m2. It is at present is only a weather use big display terminal. The Indoor LED display brightness is more than 2000md/m2. The life of LED is to 100,000 hours and even more. The parameter is generally referring to brightness of dark count design life. The outdoor viewing angle is more than 120 degree and indoor viewing angle is more than 160 degree. The viewing angle size depends upon LED lighting emitting dioxide shape. The area of screen is small and big up to thousands of square meter and below one square meter. At computer interface it can be easily accessed and has rich software supports.

Some features of display-

• The displays are dot-matrix display.
• It can be easily programmed with the help of remote control.
• It is having super bright white LED and is making light much brighter even in daytime.
• It is having compatible size.
• It is consuming very less power.
• The display on walls can be easily mounted, displayed on the window of store on placed on table.

These are the features of LED display that you should know.