Solitaire 3 Card is a favorite among solitaire lovers. This can be one of those great games that that is classic continues to be passed down through generations. I learned it from my grandma, back when we still used cards that were real. Amazing how some things are eternal that manner. Sure, these days we play on tablet computers and cell phones, but the awesomeness of the game still holds true.

By matching shown cards that add up to 13 briefly, the game is played. To get a more in-depth explanation, take a look at our YouTube video:
So now I thought I’d share several helpful tips for anyone committed Pyramid players seeking to boost their stats.
Find the card that uncovers cards you need
The 8 to the left only uncovers a King. Kings may be taken out at any given moment, simply because they’re already worth 13, so there is no haste to get to that particular card. Whereas the 8 to the right is covering a 5 and a 9. Look what the results are when you pair that 8 with the exposed remove the 6 and 7, and 5.
Now, it is possible to match the 4 with the 9 and there will be another 5 accessible to pair with an 8.
When in doubt, wait and see
Like many games, the strategy in Solitaire 3 Card often entails NOT playing with a move when it becomes accessible. In this situation, I will turn another card from the deck up. If, for example, I turn up a 10, I will match the 8 to the right to uncover the 3 below. If I turn a 3 up, I Will match the 8 on the right, remove both Kings and pair the 2 with the Jack in the waste stack.
Pyramid is uncommon in the truth that it has stack that is separate waste, to help you get two cards from the deck at most times.
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