Geofilter is a new feature introduced by snapchat, and within few days of its introduction, it becomes very popular among snapchat users. However, still, most of the users are unknown to this feature and don’t know how to use it? Well, let me tell you that the feature is about a snapchat location where one can share their location via this feature, so let’s know about it.

Meaning of snapchat location
The feature let the users share their daily activities through it. Around your videos and photos, the frame is placed which is precisely a playful graphics. Along with this, the feature is easy to use as one need to enable filter feature and start sharing your day to day activities with your friends on sanpchat. However, you have to turn on the snapchat location services as through it exact location scan be to figure out while you are taking a picture. Both the two features enable you to view the geofilters from all over the world, and it will make your journey infinitely fun.

Why use Geofilter feature?
If you ask people about the reason they are using thing function; then one will get plenty of answers. Well, here are some of the benefits of it:
• Well, the first reason is that it offers lots of fun. I mean it is very fun to capture all your memories with custom made Geofilters that will remind you of your journey. So, one will never miss any moment plus at the same time; others too will able to see your tour.
• Besides this, various people in business are using this feature as they are extensively suing this feature to promote their brand and products. In this way, they can promote in, cheap and their brand will reach to other people.
By using the Snapchat location along with Geofilter, help you to explore the world with unlimited fun and this will also entertain the viewers.