The electronic mail was implemented so that two or more people who are located in different geographic points could interact mediating messages through the use of computers. It should be noted that the use of email initially was restricted because it was used for internal communications of certain institutionsToday, e-mail is one of the most used tools on the Internet, thus allowing the sending and receiving of emails between two or more users if required, being able to send images, videos, music, links, documents, among others, in addition to being used as a storage medium by many users.

From our point of view, email has its pros and cons, in what we can highlight, is the speed with which messages are received and the low cost that is obtained by opting for their use as a means of communication, while that on the other hand, facilitates the spread of viruses if you do not have a good updated antivirus, in addition to spam emails that have not been requested by the user and are usually deceptive publications that can facilitate the theft of information.
It should be noted that the theft of information is very frequent, based on current events about the violation of the privacy of users on different platforms, this is due to the fact that users keep a lot of information in mailboxes and mail folders, being these victims of a cyber attack by different hackers that require their personal information.
For this reason, it is for this reason that CTemplar can send secure emails since we stand out for protecting the privacy and security of the data and information of our users using encrypted email on our platforms, which prevent their emails from being read by third parties.
Sending Secure Mail in CTemplar is possible since we offer our users the highest security in technology for the protection of your personal information when sending Encrypted Email.