There are many electric devices are used in the market. Among that, only few machines are used to protect people. In that way, we can make use of metal detectors. There are two types of metal detectors – hand held detector and walk through metal detector. Here, we are going to use walk through metal detector. This is one of the most used device at everywhere without any hesitation. This detector is much quicker and easy to use by securities. This is because that, they have no works to detect, they can simply monitor the screen.

Before using this metal detector, it is better to know about the pros and cons of it. Let us discuss about them one by one.
 The metal detector is easy to use.
 The design is very simple and neat.
 This is portable to fix it anywhere as you need.
 The walk through metal detector can be easily monitored through screen.
 The weapons like guns, knives or bombs can be easily identified through this metal detector.
 The alert sound will be obtained if it finds any weapons.
 There is no effects will be passed too person while scanning.
 The walk through metal detectors is used to have water proof, slip free and many other facilities.
 The cost of this device would be reasonable one to consider.
 The scanning process will be done within short period of time.
 The manual power can be avoided through this machine.
 It can able to check huge person at a time.
 The walk through metal detectors may get damaged at times.
 The metal detectors which contain high facilities will be cost high.
These are the pros and cons of this metal detector. After viewing this detail, the buyer can come to conclusion whether or not to buy this metal detector for their use.