What is poker game?
Poker is a card game which is very popular throughout the world. In regular basis, millions of people play poker card game. This game is also called as a strategy game because people play it with wicked and smart strategies to win the game.

History of the poker game

Poker game was invented before 10 centuries by Chinese in 969 A.D. During the same time, emperor Mu- Tsung played domino game with his wife on the evening of the New Year day. Egyptians got to know to play the game in 12th and 13th centuries. Poker game named in French as poque and in german as pochen. It became very popular in the 17 and 18 centuries in those regions. This game first played by Chinese in 969 with the use of 20 cards. John was the first who played this card game with 52 decks, in 1377.

Online Poker
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Poker game can be played either by going directly to the clubhouse or you can play online. It can be played by just sitting in your house from your mobile or computer and you can earn money. To play online, there are few search strings like poker online Indonesiaterpercaya. When you search for poker online indonesia terpercaya you get information about legitimate places and sites where you can play poker. One of the best websites called pokerlistings.com is pretty popular for online poker. There are so many benefits in playing online poker game.