The cryptocurrency market is very fluctuating and this up-down statistics plays a key role when you think about investing in the cryptocurrencies. At you will get all the required details about the Cryptocurrency market. The Cryptocurrency market is based on Blockchain, as the name suggests it is the continuously growing list of blocks. The Blockchain is safe and secure as there is no possibility of modifications in the format and it also nullify the problem of double spending which was earlier faced in digital currencies as it was easy to duplicate.

Currency like Bitcoin price is very high and at the same time the supply is increasing day by day reaching near to its end i.e. 21,000,000 BTC in total,after which no extra Bitcoin will be added to the market and the price will be constant. Instead of stressing on Bitcoin you can opt for Altcoins like Litecoin , Ethereum,Ripple,Dash, XMR etc Initial Coin Offering(ICO) is a great way to invest as the rate is low in early stages and increases many-fold later.

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