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That is why, when we ask ourselves, what makes it the best? the answer is simple, it is associated with the biggest news networks forming a solid and quite extensive network of press release distribution services that guarantees its clients the publication in more than three hundred pages of news and media, including ABC, FOX, NBC,and CBS among many other notable at the national and regional level.The biggest advantage that LINKING NEWS has is that it provides a white label service, that is, without a label, so that customers and competitors do not reveal the marketing strategy used, that is why you will never find a trace in your press release or on the firm’s homepage to let them know they were used to press release distribution, which allows the communication between clients and related parties to circulate without suspicion of their source of origin, a valuable strategy of mass reach backed by big news networks.

Another offer of LINKING NEWS is that it generates within the communication and in the publication links that take the reader to the official homepage of the company that hires the distribution service converting the publication into direct and effective advertising that yields substantial benefits to those who they hireThe scope is increasing overcoming geographic and language barriers in addition to digital, not only in its relationship with thousands of news networks but each publication is collected by Google News which multiplies the effect of the statement.