Every day we ask ourselves about the lives of those famous people we admire, musicians, singers, and film and television actors and innumerable are the websites that can be found on the internet when making a search, however, how true can they be? Be these? Is the information in them reliable? In the portal, https://showbizpost.com are of special interest since it offers you a great variety of content and details of the life of your idols that you could not imagine. As with Malcolm Ford, whose initial fame is perhaps attributed to the fact that he is the son of the famous film actor Harrison Ford, however, the young man born on March 10, 1987, may have the doors open to the screens, either on television or of cinema, this is dedicated to music and is a member of the band of the genre of blues called “The Dough Rollers” or the “The Rolls of Mass” in its translation into Spanish with whom it has been heard since 2014.

However, Malcolm Fordgrew up away from the lights and flashes of the entertainment world except for being the son of this renowned actor and screenwriter Melissa Mathison, by decision of the same has wanted to make his own name through the music industry and due to his own talent, something that has already been bringing him economic benefits separate from those he may have through his so famous progenitor. Since 2008, this guy has given to talk, when I start a relationship with a very listening supermodel and with whom apparently still maintains a sentimental relationship today.
For a friend, he formed the band “The Dough Rollers” in 2008 after discovering that both had the same taste for blues, they started the two and then added a vocalist who after a year leaves and both youngsters continued making their music. Malcolm Ford is active because of his social networks and maintains his position of being different from his father, both in what he does and in his appearance