Born on November 23, 1985, in Oakville, Ontario, Katie Crown is a Canadian voice actress who also works as a writer and comedian. Its authenticity and charisma have opened the doors to interpret important characters that demand a lot of enthusiasm in animated films.

Among the various projects in which Katie Crown has worked, she highlights an important role in one of the commercials by DriveTime. She is known for lending her voice to many animated characters, however, she is also able to perform in front of the cameras. In one of the commercials where Katie Crown has participated, she plays a driver of a truck, accompanied by Nicole Randall Johnson who plays a passenger.

The animated projects are his strength and his greatest virtue, so his fame was increased by lending his voice to an orphan Tulip in “Storks”, a character of a little redhead anxious and optimistic about the existence of “storks” accompanied by Famous celebrities like Andy Samberg and Jennifer Aniston.

This actress has notable appearances throughout her career, which can be mentioned in addition to Storks, lent her voice to Izzy “Total Drama”, in the project of “Stoked” She plays Fin Mcloud and in “Clarence” she gave life to the characters of Mary Wendle and Miss Melanie Baker.

Outside of interpreting animated characters, Katie Crown is also dedicated to writing, her most outstanding project is “Bob’s Burgers” where in turn she played the character of Harley and made appearances in “American Dad” and “Adventure Time”
So far, he does not mention many details of his personal life, which is why he has kept a low profile in the media during all these years. It can only be said that this single woman, however, the press has commented on an alleged love affair with Dr. Davey Johnson, but she in response has assured that this relationship is only friendly.

His net worth is estimated at $ 3 million dollars, which he has accumulated during his long 14-year career in the entertainment industry.