Let’s talk about Professor Nobles, self-sacrificing businessman, who is 50 years old and deserves the credit of having invented a total of 156 medical devices, which have more than 70 patents, becoming the person with the most patented articles in the entire world. Since its inception in 1980, many of these devices have been brought to the market, backed by companies such as Boston Scientific and Jhonson & Johnson.

In addition, being the Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO (Executive Director), he is the inventor of useful devices to improve cardiac conditions with innovative techniques. He is dedicated to education; he is an entrepreneur who gets a new challenge every day, which leads him to discover elements of great importance for patients, encouraged by his philanthropy.
Another of his hobbies is the Formula One races, in which he is an excellent driver. He shares all these activities with his wife and six children, who support him at all times. His life is between the invention of medical equipment and conferences at Universities such as UCLA Medical School of Business, Harvard Medical School, USC School of Healthcare, American College of Surgeons, Society of Vascular Surgery, American College of Neurosurgery, Congress of Congenital Interventions and Structures and the West Sachsen University of Zwickau.
Residing in Huntington Beach, Anthony Nobles displays his wonderful talent at the headquarters of his company located in Fountain Valley, California; where he gives free rein to his ideas, having at his disposal a medical cleaning room, a very novel laboratory, an exclusive 3D machine shop and an operating room, which serve as the stage for all his inventions.
In his philanthropic stage, Tony noble are responsible for making a magnificent celebration, for 18 years, on Halloween night at the Sunset Beach Community Center, where with a group of volunteers disguised as superheroes, deliver sweets to children and adults for free.