The Internet has made everything simpler so the messaging service. There are instant messaging apps to send messages. is a modified messaging app which also known as whatsapp plus messaging app. You can enjoy this app by downloading this into your device too. But before you start using this app you must have a concrete knowledge about this application. So here are the most important facts you must know about whatsapp plus.

The original whatsapp:
The plus version is very similar to the original whatsapp. So, to know what you need to know about whatsapp first. Whatsapp was the very first instant messaging app. There was only the iPhone version at the beginning but later the android version came. And from the very beginning, it gained popularity. Though at the beginning it was a free messaging app afterthat, it takes money to use it. And people even agreed to this paid version too. Although now it is free to download and use.
Installwasapplus: Whatsapp plus version:
Though the names are very similar the two apps are completely different from each other. The original whatsapp is green in color where the whatsapp plus is with the blue logo. Not only the logos are different but whatsapp and the whatsapp plus have different creators too. The original whatsapp was introduced in the year 2009 and whatsapp plus is introduced in 2012. There are some differences in the features too. The whatsapp plus has more features than the official whatsapp.

Points to remember: whatsapp plus is not an official app and so there are some differences in this from the official whatsapp which you must know. The chats and other details like private information shared in whatsapp plus are not as secure as whatsapp group. Another thing you must know about the whatsapp plus app is this app is not usable in iPhone.