Active Wow is the leading company in the sale of teeth whitening products, using a Charcoal powder with which you get the best teeth whitening in a very simple way, you just have to wet your toothbrush a little, if there is Excess water in the brush remove it, insert the toothbrush into the charcoal powder, then clean the excess as you do not need to use too much product, then you should brush your teeth as you regularly do, make sure the brushing lasts At least 2 minutes and finally rinse your mouth with enough water to remove all the dust, so simple you will have a charcoal teeth whitening.

The Active Wow teeth whitening package includes two items, the natural activated charcoal teeth whitening and as if this were a whitening toothpaste, its formula helps maintain good oral health, avoiding bad breath, and It also helps to keep white teeth, this combination will be perfect for you. At present there are many people who are interested more and more with maintaining good oral hygiene but also the physical appearance of our teeth is also important, we do not want to have yellowish teeth, white teeth look much better, our appearance will change completely and we will have a prettier smile, that is why you cannot miss the opportunity to buy this incredible product, if you want to have whiter teeth without a doubt this charcoal powder is ideal for you, enter and acquire it for so only $ 34.99
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