If you ever went through the phase of breaking up a relationship with your friends or life partner, then you might be wondering how to know if he likes you? Sometimes it happens in a relationship that one can gets cold and he stops texting or he will says to call you and he doesn’t do it. So the questions here arises is that what to do when he doesn’t text you back?

You should not bombard the messages on him, if he is not texting you back. You should text casually and if possible, reach out in person. In case, if that doesn’t improve your relationship and it went to a break up. Then to fix a broken relationship with a loved one, you need to first of all start with your self. You can be best in your relationship and make it work by taking the initiative yourself. This is because of the fact that changing another person is not an easy task, as you don’t have any control over them. You have control over your thought and actions. By changing yourself you can attract the people you want in the future and get the desired response from your current relationship.

You can follow the no contact rule to get things work your way. Get over him to the point that you are able to think logically and act rationally around him and make good decisions about getting him back. It is basically getting over a breakup. You will do all the things you would do if you didn’t want him back. Don’t talk to him and get out from his radar. Just leave him alone for a month. Moreover, remove any reminder of your boyfriend from your life like take those stuffs out which he gave to you and keep them in a box and put them out of your site.

Also, you can look for some signs your ex still loves you. If your ex is approaching you regularly, sending you messages or calling you daily, that’s a very strong signal that he wants you back. Moreover, if he wants to physically meet up and hang out with you, that is also a strong signal of your ex still loving you.