Every year 100s of thousands of people file Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases or Chapter 13 repayment plan. The majority of the cases choose a bankruptcy attorney boise to ensure they get all the benefits. Here are some useful tips

Where to find a bankruptcy attorney?
1. Low-income family – If the person belongs to a low-income family, he qualifies for free legal advice. Legal Services Corporation offers this service. If the person lives in larger cities, he can approach bar associations. They provide pro bono attorney projects. They are of low cost or no cost.
2. Personal referrals – Ask friends and family who have contacted a good bankruptcy attorney Boise.
3. Search engines –One should learn to select their attorneys from search engines. This is because the first listings are always sponsored content. They have paid to top the searches. On the other hand, some attorneys are masters of bankruptcy proceedings but do not appear on search engines.
4. National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy attorneys – It is the premier trade association for lawyers representing individuals in the filing Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.
5. Local bar associations – there are referral services at these associations.
What are the charges to file bankruptcy?
There are 3 separate fees to file a bankruptcy namely
1. Court filing fee – $335 for Chapter 7 and $310 for Chapter 13
2. Credit counselling fee – Between $25 and $50.
3. Attorney’s fee – Between $2000 and $2500; an attorney also charges $3500 for repayment plan case
Other random tips
1. The bankruptcy attorney Boise Id should file the paperwork within deadlines
2. He should be reachable all the time
3. He arranges meeting with the creditors and debtors