When you check elitecelebsmag.com/jane-fonda-plastic-surgery/ you will not believe how old Jane Fonda actually is. She does not look anywhere close to her age. She looks young, beautiful and glamorous. Infact, most celebrities who undergo cosmetic surgery do so to smooth their faces as well as remove the flaws they have or perceive.

However, in order to maintain their look there is a huge cost involved. It is estimated that atleast 2750 GBP is spent by these celebrities for annual maintenance. There are dermal fillers which are done which need to be replenished after three quarters of a year, there are botox injections which they need to keep continuing and that needs to be done atleast every 4 – 5 months, else the wrinkles start to show again.

For those that go in for rhinoplasty, the cost could be anywhere even in the range of USD 10,000 or more.

Crows feet and eye lifts or blepharoplasty is expensive as the excess skin from the eyelids need to be removed so that it is tighter near the eye area and this causes lifting as well as getting the person rid of the bags and dark circles under the eyes.

Those that go in for cosmetic dentists in order to have veneers created for their teeth, could find that it costs around USD 25,000. Those who have fillers in their lips to make them look more full, need to have this maintained by having a chemical to plump up the skin injected every six months at least.

Those with sagging skin on their neck and chin will want it removed and this is done through a facelift. This needs to be repeated between 5 – 10 years atleast. Skin augmentation is the procedure most go in for so that they have taught skin which is wrinkle free.