Attention to private limited company registration
The registration process for any company requires a lot of time and you need to keep patience to get your work done. The same goes for private limited company registration. Though the entire procedure is carried on through online but still it consumes some time, as they need to verify all the submitted documents and obtain the signatures of the concerned persons. But this demerit weighs far less once you are done with this process and start your own business. A unique name is to be decided by you for your company, which will differentiate your company from the other companies.

Essential documents required
You must pay extra attention while attaching the various documents with the registration form. One of the most important steps in this. If anything goes wrong then the entire process may get canceled and you need to start again from the beginning. So, while going through the process of company registration you need to submit the following documents:
• Your PAN card holds much importance. Make sure that all the details on your PAN card are correct and when you upload it all the details can be seen clearly.
• The next important document is the address proof that can include your electricity bill or telephone bill or so.
These documents are required to check whether you are eligible for this process. Along with these documents you need to submit the registration fees without fail. As you do not submit the fees the process will not initiate.

Final assessment
Owning your company is always far better than working under any other person. Still, there are some disadvantages associated with it. Apart from being time-consuming, the process for Company Formation is complicated to some extent. Therefore people lose all their faith and patience, as they do not acquire full knowledge before initiating the formation procedure.