Where HCG is concerned, you are likely to hear of hcg injections and hcg drops. Basically, there is a difference between injections and drops which can be understood by the following explanation. For starters, HCG plays a major role in suppressing a person’s diet and allows the body to maintain a very low intake of calories. The question however is how HCG is taken into the body. HCG can be taken through injections. This is a format that was used a long time ago, but it can still be used today by those that like needles. It is injected deep into the body muscles, and this can only be done by a doctor or a person that knows how the injection is done.

However, most dieters today do not prefer hcg diet injections and go for a cheaper and convenient format, and that is taking hcg drops. In this case, you are not required to take any needles or worry about how the drops are administered. Drops can be put under the tongue and swallowed, and that is just it. This is basically the difference between HCG injections and HCG drops. People are however warned that they should be very careful when purchasing drops. This is because this diet plan is very popular today meaning that selling drops or products that relate to HCG diet plan is a very profitable business.
The profitability of HCG as a diet plan has attracted companies that offer drops which are questionable in terms of their quality. It is even recommended that instead of taking or purchasing drops consider taking hcg shots from a doctor. It is also best that you double-check on the reliability of the product and its producer, and you should never make the choice of the product based on price.