Poker has been played over several centuries. Yes, it is a pretty old game which has gained different styles and shapes as it progressed from one form to other in different countries. the official online poker site (situs poker online resmi) will provide a lot of fun facts about poker.

Let us try to summarize some key facts about Poker that you might not be aware of
*Country of Origin: Ever wondered where was first poker invented/played? Well as you all know America is the father of several gambling games so this is no exception to the rule. Poker was invented in New Orleans. It happened way back in the early 19th century.
*Name of the game: The game name evolved from poque to poker because of Englishmen at that point in time.
*Number of cards: Poker was played with 20 cards in the beginning. Then it slowly evolved soon into 52 cards mode.
*Longest poker game: Ever thought of how long a poker game would have extended. Nope, I don’t think any of your guesses are way near the actual reality. Though impossible to verify this claim, the longest ever poker game was played for close to Nine years !!
*Evolution of chips: Poker chips were usually made with precious materials like gold in the initial days. Later the evolution of it brought it to the present form of clay chips with coloured symbols and decorations over it.

*Reach in the US: Poker is extremely popular in the US. A decade back most of them play it in clubs/casinos. Now with the evolution of situs poker online Resmi sites it is pretty easy to play the games right from their computers or mobiles.
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