A slot machine is a type of gambling machine which has three or more reels and the reels spin when a button is pushed. In America it is called a slot machine whereas the Brits call it the fruit machine. It is called so because of the images of the fruits like cherries and lemons on the reels. In Canada they are called the slots and in Australia they are called poker machines. As online gambling has become so popular, online slots have also been introduced now.

These online slot machines are called one-armed bandits because these machines were initially operated by a lever which was placed on its side and it acted like an arm. And these slot machines were able to make a man lose all his money hence the term bandits. Nowadays almost all slot machines are operated by a button.
To play in a slot machine at first cash or ticket is inserted in the slot of the machine. Then the lever or the button is pressed. Nowadays the machines are all touch sensitive so it can be activated by touching its screen. With slot machines online the player has to just click he option on the computer screen. This is a type of game which totally depends on the player’s luck and does not require any skill to play.
The objective is to win as much money possible from the machine. In the game symbols need to be matched that appear on the spinning reels. The symbols that are used are very bright colored so that they can be easily identified and are mainly images of fruits, letters, numbers, hearts, diamonds, cartoon characters etc.
Modern technology and new changes in the field of science has resulted in many kinds of variations on the slot machines. These are the most popular method of gambling and almost consist of seventy percent of total income of all casinos and slots online.