Specific training sessions of Odeum Singapore are also arranged for and help in connecting with the customers, and it helps in producing live demonstration. Various competitions, as well as a press conference, are broadcasted by the video production company. Other important announcements are also arranged for like the major announcements and interview of an athlete.

Planning of other events and video production
The other event on which video production is based also includes retreats, weekly studies as well as Sunday service. It also serves a great deal on the educational front, and Odeum Singapore helps in reaching out to various institutions for various kinds of events like presentations, lectures, and another sporting event.
Clients associated with video promotion
The clients include Singtel, Park hotel, Hilton and other famous brands. There are videos with regard to promotion as well as corporate video promotion. The video production organizations help in combining the creativity with content creation.
Specialization in digital marketing issues by video production company
It also specializes in digital marketing and helps in engaging the audience. It helps in the production of excellent creative videos and also helps in developing the concept of videography with proper story lining, editing, and filming and with proper support of marketing.
Video production and its planning procedure
The production of videos includes various stages and processes of planning, production as well as delivery. The planning process further includes creative treatment. The production process is basically concerned with video edition as well as post production issues.
Delivery service and another aspect of video promotion
The delivery service is also taken care of, and there are other delivery services which are arranged for like the marketing strategy and technical support. Various aspects are taken into consideration like time of production, filming time and other necessary details with the help of corporate video production in Singapore.