Like making DIY stuff such as slimes, perfumes, toys or even make ups? Well a very popular YouTube star by the alias of Wengie is really good at it. Her channel features product reviews, how to makes slime tutorials and even make up tutorials. But today, Wengie is going to make a diy gumball machine so that you don’t have it waste your money on the expensive machines. The materials used are all easy to find household items. In order to make the candy dispenser machine you will first need to get, a cylindrical shaped jar or in layman’s term a Nutella jar that Wengie is using, a piece of cardboard, small spring about the size of a pen spring, a skewer or a wooden stick a hot glue gun and also spray paint and masking tapes are optional. Make sure the cardboard has holes in the side.

So first, cut the cardboard in to one large piece and 2 smaller pieces according to the shown template in Wengie’s tutorial video. Next cut the smaller prices of cardboard in the rectangular inline as shown. After that, put a skewer into the side of the cardboard and cut the both ends of the skewer. Then, hot glue a cap to one end of the stick and place a spring at the other end of the stick.

Make sure you put intricate effort into this because this will be the main core of the machine. Then trace a rectangular cut in the cap of the jar. After cutting the cap of the jar, wrap the large price of cardboard around the cap of the jar and hot glue them. Now what’s left is to put everything together as shown in the video and you will be left with a DIYcandy dispenser machine from your household items!