It was considered a great revolution for the human race when the coal power plant was created, this generated electricity. Although it offered many benefits, the environment was being affected by the coal supply, which had to undergo high temperatures in order to extract its greatest potential and, consequently, it released CO2 into the atmosphere, the main cause of the deterioration of the ozone.

Further research by big energy companies came up with oil and gas, which although it offers many more benefits than coal, continues to affect the environment when it is subjected to a combustion process with which it takes full advantage. These are non-renewable resources, and in this sense, the human race must evaluate other alternatives to provide them with energy. Currently, many mining industries have been in charge of exploiting other materials and testing them, but they forget that the explorations are destroying the atmosphere due to the emission of toxic gases and the soil with inadequate perforations. In addition, high investment capital is needed, which suggests that these procedures must be successful at any cost to avoid generating financial losses.

An environmental alternative is offered by the company EarthEnergy International, associated with leading companies in mining, whose goal is the preservation of the environment. Their vast experience in the market has allowed them to focus in China since it is the largest producer and consumer of carbon. EarthEnergy International offers services of guide points, advice and education in highly effective processes, but reducing the cost and conserving the ecosystem. Its high-tech processes and machinery does not allow unconstrained emission of toxic gases and avoids waste and debris that contribute to the deterioration of the environment and the ozone layer.