As a student studying abroad or relative living overseas, connecting via calls is an obvious choice. But are you spending too much? Land or water, no boundaries can make your call cost anything more than the cheapest possible. So right now, call to friends.

What can enable your free call to friends?
The call2friends online application is the answer.
 You call your acquaintances and spend nothing at all.
 Call anywhere in the world.
 The best part is it operates over the Internet.
 You have direct call option from the website.
 Apps are there for mobile phones.
 Calls are free up to a time limit but the limit varies.
 Also, call rates are cheap and vary from place to place.
 You can simply earn credits and use them instead of your money.

What is the technique behind the calls?
The call to friends connects by means of Adobe Flash Plugin on a web browser.Mobile phones use SIP technology instead.
Mobile platforms
So, only certain mobile phones with the enlisted software support the process-
 Windows
 X-Lite
 Bria Professional
 Linphone
 Android
Call not connecting
 Firstly, ensure you have free minutes to call the destination.
 Also, specify the international format while entering the phone number.
 You need not enter a national prefix.
Cannot hear voice over call
 First, confirm that the echo-test button is working fine.
 In case it doesn’t, check whether you installed the Adobe Flash Player properly.
 And also check that your microphone is working.
 Use high speed Internet surely to improve quality.
What is the definite way to make free calls?
The call to friends is definitely a good way to connect with people far away on any device of your choice. Your free calls are daily renewed. Also, normal calls are much cheaper.
After all, the chance of a free call should rarely be missed.