Saving our environment is the need of the hour, due to which, there are some or the other eco- friendly alternative available these days for any product that might be required. Every little effort counts in saving our environment in a long run. While efforts are being put by people all over to come up with more and more eco- friendly products, beverage coasters are running at par in the league. One of the most eco- friendly ways of producing a coaster is using a cork. Cork is the outer bark of a tree and it grows quickly, hence considered highly renewable and a sustainable resource. The cork coasters are made from cork paper, which are a Portuguese handmade product. The cork paper is made when thin layers of natural cork are laminated to a coated paper base. Owing to its texture, cork coasters are becoming a huge hit as they are highly absorbent and can be cut in a variety of shapes and easily customized by using printing techniques. Authentic cork coasters that are available at are not only recyclable, but also extremely durable, long lasting and highly absorbent. They do not fall apart when exposed to moisture. Further, as they are not very heavily laminated or coated, they are still very absorbent.

The cork coasters at are of 1/8” inch thick which make them excellent to be used for heavyweight application. Since the more the thickness, the more they absorb and last. This way, the idea of using eco- friendly cork coasters is not only good for our environment but also safe for the people who use them, as they are saved from being exposed to toxic substances. The cork coasters are recyclable and coming from a renewable resource, hence is truly an organic product.
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