Austin “Chumlee” Russell is very popular on television because of his character in the series “Pawn Stars”. When he was 21 years old he started working in the Gold & Silver Pawn store and in 2009 History Channel turned this store into the reality show “Estrellas Pawn” in which he did not work from the beginning but after some appearances where he contributed his personal touch, providing a great comedy show and the public was hooked with his character. Currently, the series continues and Austin “Chumlee” Russell is among the stars without a doubt with more than 270 appearances so far.

Austin “Chumlee” Russell has been involved in some legal scandals, has faced several serious accusations and is still paying a sentence of 3 years under probation. However his aspect as an entrepreneur has borne great fruit, this man accumulates a small fortune and has begun to take care of his health and appearance since his father died from devastating pancreatic cancer at age 54. This loss has made him reflect and change his lifestyle and diet, in this process his girlfriend Tanya Hyjazi with whom he has been for about 5 years has supported him tirelessly so that he can achieve his goals. Austin “Chumlee” Russell underwent bariatric surgery and Tanya has contributed her knowledge as a chef to provide everything necessary for Austin to eat healthier.
Austin has also maintained rigid exercise routines and all his fans have closely followed his evolution and physical changes through his accounts on social networks. Austin is very popular for his comedic skills and has a large audience on Twitter and Facebook. His official Twitter account is followed by more than 250,000 fans. Your audience loves you and your messages quickly become viral.
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