alliance one is one of the most aggressive and largest collection agencies that offers a complete range of various collection services and contact solutions that are designed to meet the clients diverse needs. The company has built the infrastructure of several operational sites all around the centers of excellence specialized in portfolio segments and specific market areas. This company was formed in March 1999 with the merger and acquisition of five well-developed companies through impeccable reputations with regional, national and various market account receivable companies.

Alliance one has grown much to be an industry leader with office all over Canada, united states, Latin America, Caribbean, and India. They promise their clients to deliver cost-effective services offered by leveraging the state of the art that has helped grow client’s relationship and has become the leading provider of full accounts receivable management services. The company delivers comprehensive contract center for various leading companies in government, financial services, and healthcare, retail, and telecommunication markets.
The company delivers programs ranging inbound call answering to outbound calling campaigns and fulfillment of services. They provide both first and third party services and incorporating the wide range of service and cost options which takes full benefit of both international and domestic labor market. Also, the alliance one also services accounts, throughout revenue cycle, the company has people, technology and processes to make sure that your calls are handled in a right way at first time with secure data environment. Despite the types of service they offer, Alliance one can easily help you retain and identify improves operational efficiency, profitable customers and increase the enterprise value.

Being the global leader in accounts receivable management alliance one also works for various major companies on different segments. The management team instantly contacts customers to identify the reason of non-payment, debt situation and to implement contingency payment plans that are consistent with customer service strategies and plans.